Rob Cornilles Running for the 2010 Oregon 1st Congressional District

In 2010 this was the official website for Republican candidate Rob Cornilles who was running against the six-term Democrat David Wu for the right to represent Oregon 1st Congressional District.
Content is from the site's 2010 archived pages.

Oregon's first Congressional district stretches from Portland to the Oregon Coast and encompasses all of Washington, Yamhill, Columbia and Clatsop counties and part of Multnomah County.


My grandfather once taught me, "Don't allow the anticipation to become greater than the realization."

While we may have anticipated a better outcome than Election Night provided, the realization of all that we accomplished - together - is remarkably clear.

Thanks to the support, sacrifice, and trust of well over a hundred thousand voters, we can say our voice has been heard and our cause declared.

Though we're disappointed, let us not be discouraged! Our country took a huge leap forward yesterday by electing good people to Congress who will be better stewards of our future, resources, and dreams. They need our support because we need their success as they govern.

And here in Oregon, our state cries out for leadership to build an environment where we can rescue our economy and create more jobs. YOU must stay involved in that process. I hope you'll join me in lowering the decibels and increasing the dialogue amongst our neighbors and elected officials so that our common principles can lead us to achieving mutual goals.

In the end, if we can't put aside our differences as Oregonians and Americans and work towards better results, how can we expect those in Washington and Salem to do the same?

So, for now, I look forward to spending some much needed time with Allison and my sons and tending to my business and employees. I intend to stay very much involved with the issues that matter to Oregonians. We still have work to do.

Thank you again for all of your efforts on behalf of this campaign. It has been a humbling experience to be your candidate.

It is an honor to stand beside you as we build a better Oregon. Let's keep building!


  Meet Rob  
Rob Cornilles is a devoted family man, active community leader and successful business owner.

Born and raised in Oregon, Rob believes government today needs to provide an environment for strong families, outstanding schools, and vibrant businesses. While government has a vital role to play in society, it should help – not hinder – individuals and communities in achieving their full potential. This is only accomplished when elected officials are principled, pragmatic, and responsible to those they represent – not just today’s interests but the generations that follow.

As a prominent consultant whose breadth of involvement with sports organizations is unmatched, Rob has advised 25,000 executives and hundreds of sports businesses as the president and founder of Game Face, Inc. In addition, his innovation has been the driving force behind the successful placement of more than 500 individuals into full-time jobs in industry.

While a pioneer in the sports community and recognized through various business awards, Rob is equally proud of his active involvement with community groups, nonprofit boards, and local schools. He and Allison, his wife of 23 years whom he met at Newberg High School, devote many hours to activities that help develop strong, responsible youth and productive adults.

The father of three teenage sons (Austin, Brennan and Chadd), Rob is the recipient of the Wood Badge Award from the Boy Scouts of America, the highest honor given adult leaders. He has served as the president of Southside Soccer Club (Tigard), while coaching multiple youth athletic teams over the years.

A graduate of Brigham Young University, Rob sits on the Stanford-based National Advisory Board of Positive Coaching Alliance.



The Issues


With unemployment figures still near 10 percent throughout the U.S., and over 10 percent here in Oregon, job creation must be the primary focus of Congress. As a small business owner in Washington County the last 15 years, I have been directly involved with creating more than 500 jobs across America. Or, more accurately, I have assisted people -- and families -- in creating sustainable careers, providing hope not just for today but for the future. With some of the country's best natural and human resources, Oregon should be a leader of ingenuity, not unemployment. I should know. My occupation has taken me to almost every state in the Union and I have seen firsthand our advantage over others. We should motivate Oregon's youth to stay here and compete globally from a local platform. Government needs to work with the business community of Oregon, not against them. We need to encourage businesses to come to our state and incentivize those already here to stay and grow. In Congress, I will fight for small businesses and workers and make job creation -- career building -- my top priority.

Fiscal Responsibility

The United States, and Oregon, must have reasonable and responsible representatives. My opponent and his leaders still have not passed a budget this year and now confirm that they will not. Instead, they just choose to keep spending without a budget. With deficit spending at historic levels, our country's economic and military future is at risk. From taxpayer-funded Bailouts for irresponsible executives to the largely unsupervised and ill-named Stimulus, Congress has recklessly spent our hard-earned money and indebted our country to unsustainable and unprecedented levels. As a representative of Oregon, I will weigh fiscal decisions the same way I do for my company and family: use commonsense approaches, fight for a balanced budget, and responsible, sustainable spending.


I acknowledge the responsibility Americans have to pay their fair share. Yet I also realize that you don't revitalize an economy and create prosperity by raising taxes during a recession. American families cannot afford to see more of their hard-earned paychecks going to the pet projects of bureaucrats or special interests. I will advocate for lower taxes for families and small businesses to encourage investment, job creation and economic growth. In the global economy, we must become more competitive. We should responsibly lower the corporate tax rate so that American businesses and workers can compete with other major countries.

Health Care

Control and reduce costs—thereby making it more accessible to all. These are the real goals of real health care reform and must be our goal. The current plan recently passed will increase costs, reduce the number of present and future physicians and providers, cut Medicare benefits for seniors, add a trillion dollars to the deficit, and create a massive new entitlement program managed by a bloated central government. Additionally, it threatens the quality of care Americans receive. I support a plan which would: Allow Americans to shop for health insurance across state lines to increase competition among private insurance companies, thereby driving prices downward; encourage and allow businesses and organizations to pool together to purchase insurance at lower rates, similar to those of large corporations; pass meaningful tort reform to put an end to frivolous medical malpractice lawsuits, allowing doctors to stop practicing defensive medicine which unnecessarily inflates health care costs; and encourage, through economic incentives, healthier and fewer care-dependent lifestyles.

National Security

National security should always be a top priority to maintain peace. Like generations before us, I support a strategy to maintain a strong national defense and believe that we must remain vigilant in defeating those who would harm us. When it comes to immigration, we must first secure our borders and enforce our current laws, with illegal immigrants and with employers. It is imperative that we maintain the upper hand in the war against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, which includes not ceding hard-earned ground to them in places like Afghanistan. I support the recommendations and strategies of General Petraeus and believe that yielding the fight to the Afghans and bringing our troops home must be achieved after our commanders in the field are confident our security is improved and our exit will not produce a massive human rights tragedy for those we leave behind.


Securing America's energy future will be one of the defining issues of our generation and our children's generation. As your Congressmen, I will be dedicated to working toward a comprehensive energy strategy that will responsibly boost supplies of American energy at home, create American jobs and invest in American technologies that keep the cost of energy low. We must take America's energy needs into our own hands. The days of relying on the whims of rogue governments and dictators must end. Oregon continues to be a leader in renewable energy produced from water, wind, solar, geothermal, fuel cells and biomass. Oregon's energy future will include all of these new forms of energy, as well as the natural gas that will be needed to backstop these renewable sources when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining. American ingenuity has made us the great country we are today. We must continue to encourage this innovation by encouraging world-class research in renewable technologies, new environmentally sound energy extraction technologies, and energy efficiency measures.


Testimonials from Rob Cornilles clients and those in the community
(The following represent individual opinions and are not official endorsements from the organizations listed.)

  I honestly can't think of someone better suited for office. It still makes me proud to have been employed by someone with so much integrity. You've been a massive influence on my career.
Keith Kelly, Oxford Brookes University (UK)
  Rob, in all our business ties these last seven years you have been committed, personable, and engaged, whether working with one person or a large group.
Steve Bourque, A-dec, Inc, Newberg, OR
  I know that my success has been from the knowledge and confidence you gave me!!!
Maureen Scott, DeVry University, Chicago, IL
  I can’t begin to tell you how much I leverage your training in every aspect of my life. Thank you for contributing to my foundation.
Matt Basta, Los Angeles Sparks
  You are perfect for this. Makes me wish I lived in Oregon.
Chris Overholt, Miami Dolphins
  I cannot think of anyone with such integrity that is better suited for the challenge.
Chris Wright, Minnesota Timberwolves
  If your campaign is run with the same passion, drive, and commitment as at Game Face, I’m behind you! God bless you.
Brian Lowe, Washington Nationals
  Looking forward to having a solid Representative in office!
Chris Gallagher, New York Yankees
  Great news! You would be a real asset for our country and your community.
Carl Lahr, Los Angeles Clippers
  You will do great. Oregon will be lucky to have you on their side.
Kirk King, New York Mets
  Your constituents will have a man of integrity and grace representing them. I wish we had someone like you around here!
Paul Beirne, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Toronto Canada
  Awesome news! I will be keeping a close eye on this race!!
Anthony Aspaas, Washington Capitals
  Wow! Oregon is going to gain a great man in Congress! I wish I could cast a vote for you!
Rich Searls, New York Red Bulls
  I know you’ll see success.
Jason Kohll, Houston Rockets
  Can't imagine someone I'd like to see in Congress more than you. Almost makes me want to move to Oregon to vote for you!
Pat McCaffrey, President, Association of Luxury Suite Directors
  Very exciting. Best of luck in the election, Rob.
Bill Goldstein, Madison Square Garden
  In my 21 years of doing business in the corporate world, I have rarely run across someone whom I have more trust or respect for than Rob Cornilles.
Scott Loft, Miami Dolphins
  Can't say this sincerely enough: I hope you'll be a regular in DC for OR District 1. This country can use more integrity and ingenuity in our leaders, qualities you represent well.
Mike Harloff, D.C. United

Wow!!! I am very impressed by your commitment to have a larger impact in our country.
David Shapiro, Positive Coaching Alliance

  Not surprising. I admire your courage to switch gears and move outside the sports realm. I have complete confidence in you.
Jamie Spencer, Minnesota Wild
  Want to wish you the best of luck and hope to see you roaming the halls of the Capital soon!
Mike Sylvester, Feld Entertainment
  This is great news! I respect your ability to recognize the need.
Dan Demato, FutureTix
  I can't think of anyone better at listening, understanding people’s needs and creatively finding solutions. I wish I lived in Oregon so I could vote for you.
Britt Carlson, Minnesota Timberwolves
  You are ideally suited.
Tom Fersch, New York Mets
  If I lived in Oregon you would have another vote.
Tim Connolly, Jacksonville Jaguars
  Wow. You are well-equipped to be a very capable and honorable representative for the people of Oregon.
Steve Smith, Minnesota Twins
  CONGRATULATIONS!! This is an excellent move. I am confident success will follow. We endorse you!
Mike O’Keefe, St. Louis Rams
  If I lived in Oregon, you would have my vote. We need more people like you (who are in touch with reality) in government.
Jarett Grushka, Miami Dolphins
  My very best wishes on a successful campaign.
Robert Alvarado, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  Having observed him in his business and also in his service to the community, what impresses me about Rob is his heart-felt care and concern for people.
Scott Mitton, Tualatin resident and Good Neighbor Center (Tigard, OR) Treasurer
  As a Realtor, my client wanted to buy the home of Rob’s relative. I first met Rob when he stepped in and oversaw the transaction, acting as a steward of his relative’s major retirement asset. He proved to be a tough negotiator. He was diligent in his duties, communicative, conservative, and fair.

Rob saved his relative a lot of money, time, and energy. He protected her asset like it was his own. If he approaches being a Congressman like he approached the sale of his relative’s house, we will have an excellent steward of our money in Washington, D.C.

Vote for Rob Cornilles! I know you will be thankful to have him as your representative in Congress!

Mike Cook, Owner/Principal Broker, Mike Cook Properties, LLC, Sherwood, OR
  Over the years, your care and dedication to today’s youth through so many hours of volunteer service suggests you’ll be an outstanding public servant for all of us in this District.
Don Glazier, Wapiti District Commissioner, Boy Scouts of America
  As a newly elected president to our club, Rob stepped in on short notice and helped revitalize and bring fiscal responsibility when we were sorely in need of unbiased leadership. His ability to see a problem, address it head on, and find solutions through consensus-building were instrumental in helping our organization maintain strength and relevance in the lives of thousands of local kids.
Barry Mannie, Former Vice President, Southside Soccer Club, Tigard, OR
  Rob’s commitment to honesty, hard work, and having the courage to stand up for what he believes benefits everyone around him.
Delee Haudbine, Tualatin resident
  Rob is a true leader to the youth community. He enthusiastically coached my son in basketball and was a great mentor to him.
Carolyn Mitchell, Tigard resident
  Rob has been an active volunteer youth basketball coach for several years. Whether teaching players to be a better person on and off the court, or donating Positive Coaching Alliance workshops to the TYBA Board, he has proven to be a compassionate and caring individual for our community.
Pam Tainer, Vice President, Tualatin Youth Basketball Association